Get out of debt faster by paying off your smallest debts first!

I used to have a very serious debt problem, and it all started because of the youthful, and rather foolish attitude I had “back when I knew it all”.

Back in my college days I took out a couple of student loans and opened about half a dozen credit card accounts that I used to help fund my college lifestyle (big, big mistake, but that’s a topic for a different blog post!).

Anyway, by the time I graduated and landed my first “real job”, I was over $40,000 in debt. And it would have been worse if I hadn’t worked a couple of part-time jobs along the way.

Long story short, I woke up one morning and realized that I had a huge stack of bills to pay every month. [Continue Reading]

How to save a portion of every paycheck without even missing it

Trust me, I know how hard it is to save money. It can really be a struggle, regardless of how much you earn every week.

It seems like there’s always another bill to pay or something breaking down and needing to be repaired or replaced. And then there are all those tempting “impulse purchase” items screaming out to us every time we’re standing in a checkout line!

It’s a simple fact of life: Any time we have money in our pocket, it’s likely to get spent.

Well I’m going to tell you about a simple way to save a portion of every paycheck without ever really missing that money… [Continue Reading]

Save big by shopping with gift cards that you purchased at a discount!

Did you know there’s an easy way to give yourself an automatic discount every time you shop at your favorite store or eat at your favorite restaurant?

Well, it’s true! All you have to do is pay for your purchases and meals with gift cards that you purchased at a discount!

Sites like and CardCash sell discounted gift cards online, and the savings can be substantial. [Continue Reading]

Recipe: How to prepare KFC-style fried chicken

OK, I’ll admit it – I absolutely love KFC’s “Original Recipe” fried chicken!

I’ve tried perhaps a dozen different recipes that claim to replicate the Colonel’s awesome recipe at home over the years, but none of those concoctions really came close to hitting the mark until I tried the one from the folks over at Kitchen Dharbar.

I know it’s hard to imagine that a cooking site specializing in Indian cuisine could have the best recipe for KFC-style chicken, but they really do (in my humble opinion of course).

This short video shows exactly how to prepare this wonderful dish: [Continue Reading]

Review: Grill Armor 932°F Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves

When you cook for a living, you quickly learn how important it is to keep a good pair of oven gloves handy at all times.

I’ve tried many brands and types of oven gloves over the years, but some of the best I have ever used are the Grill Armor 932°F Extreme Heat Resistant Oven Gloves pictured above.

Most oven gloves tend to fit poorly, making it difficult to safely and securely handle extremely hot cast iron skillets and casserole dishes. But these gloves are different. They actually fit just as well as a typical pair of regular gloves.

And unlike an oven mitt, these are actual gloves with 5 fingers that mold themselves to your hand, ensuring that you’ll be able to get a tight grip on most any hot pan, skillet or dish. [Continue Reading]